OAKLAND PROTEST - Thu June 4, 2020

Location: Frank Ogawa Plaza, 14th & Broadway

Time: 4:00 pm

Source: Eventbrite, Reddit

End Police Brutality and Demand Justice for the Victims!

Join us for a peaceful sit in in the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, CA.

Justice for George Floyd and justice for all victims of systematic racism.

This will be a peaceful event that does not condone any violence or destruction of property. The media and the government is spinning the cries of our pain into shifting the blame onto the people rather than the cops who are beating and murdering innocent people in the street with no repercussions. Let's unify and show them that it is them who are uncivilized while demanding justice for fallen victims of racial police brutality like George Floyd.

This is a peaceful protest! Please no violence and please no damage! Don't let the media turn the blame to the people!

Please wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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