OAKLAND PROTEST - Wed June 3, 2020

Location: 14th & Broadway

Time: 8:05 pm

Source: Facebook, Livestream by Jmal Davis

The Town Sits OUT the Curfew

Family, JOIN US Wednesday night 6/3 at 8:05 pm

We, The People of Oakland, and our allies and accomplices around the bay, DISSENT to the steadily encroaching FASCISM of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department’s 8pm curfew order!!!

We’ll be sitting down in the intersection of 14th and Broadway to say an unequivocal “F**k your curfew!”

Everywhere we turn there are reminders to fight for each other’s freedom. Today, 6/2, is Miles Hall’s Angelversary (https://www.facebook.com/events/538186717063894/). We defy the sheriff’s orders in honor and memory of him, as well as Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, Steven Taylor, and countless others murdered by so-called civil servants.

The CURFEWS here and nationwide are RACIST policing measures that serve the militant suppression of The People. These measures are in clear, direct response to us rising up in defense of Black Lives. We won't submit to Trump's "Law and Order State".

On Monday, June 1st, young organizers from Oakland Tech led a George Floyd Solidarity March that was multigenerational, peaceful, and 15,000 STRONG

On Monday, June 1st, at 7:57 pm, OPD threw flashbang grenades and teargas into the gathered crowd and proceeded in making 100+ arrests into the night -- rounding up protesters and non-protesters alike, including many of our unhoused neighbors and essential workers


Our coalition includes

You, your loved ones and friends

NOTE: We remain committed to offering to post bail for Black & Brown folks arrested while protesting. Please contact us if you know of anybody arrested and held who needs this support.

PANDEMIC REMINDER: Wear your mask. Hold 6 foot distance as much as possible. Bring sanitation supplies such as hand sanitizer for yourself, and more if you have enough to share.

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