OAKLAND PROTEST - Mon June 29, 2020

Location: Frank Ogawa Plaza, 14th & Broadway

Time: 6:00 pm

Source: Facebook

National Day of Action on Killer Cops' Hearing Date

On Monday June 29th, Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s racist murderer, along with his co-conspirators Tao Thao, Thomas Lane, and K. Alex Keung, will have their next court date. All but Chauvin are already free on bail. This is shameful. Our movement must come out to the streets in force to demand their conviction and jailing!

Killer cops must be jailed. The authoritarian regime of Donald Trump and Mike Pence can be defeated if we keep marching to demand that Trump resign or be removed now. This will only happen if our movement is demanding it on the streets. Victory is possible as long as we continue marching. Join us!

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