OAKLAND PROTEST - Sun June 28, 2020

Location: Kaiser Memorial Park, 19th & Telegraph

Time: 10:30 am

Source: Facebook

Sit. Walk. Listen. Because Black Lives Matter

Dear siblings, these times are a great call for change. As mindfulness practitioners, we can breathe for others who cannot. Let's bring the practice of peaceful compassionate nonviolence to the streets; to listen, to follow, and support black people.

You are invited to bring an offering for the altar to commemorate the victims of racial and social injustices. Offerings can be in the form of fruit, flowers, ornament, or anything that holds meaning and significance for you.

Location: Mosswood Park, W MacArthur & Broadway

Time: 12:00 pm

Source: Instagram

Oakland's Community Benefit: Self-care Sunday

Location: Port of Oakland, Clay & Water St

Time: 2:00 pm

Source: Facebook

Drive for Justice Voter Registration Drive

Anti Police-Terror Project and our Defund the Police Coalition partners call "Shame On You" to Libby and the 5 City Council members who voted against the peoples' will to #DefundOPD!

We'll stage at 4 different locations and caravan to Libby's and 3 council members' homes:

  1. Lynette McElhaney: Enter Port from 7th St at the far west end. Berth to be determined
  2. Schaaf: Enter Port from 7th St at the far west end. Berths 55-56 SSA/Oakland International Container Terminal
  3. Rebecca Kaplan: Maritime and Pier St - stay tuned for press conference at 11:30 where Kaplan will announce plan to work with community - *may change afternoon plans*
  4. Gallo: Enter Port from Adeline St. Berths 57-59 Oakland International Container Terminal
  5. Taylor: Enter Port from Adeline St. Berths 60-63 SSA/Matson

At each staging area, try to line up facing the direction you entered from, per above, so we're ready. See the Facebook event for more details.

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