OAKLAND PROTEST - Wed June 17, 2020

Location: Maker's Loft, 13th & Harrison

Time: 12:00 pm

Source: Instagram

March with Makers

We are providing paint (+kids paint) and cardboard for sign making from 12-4PM in front of our shop.

From 2-4pm @cookwithcheftraci is donating sandwiches and @miyaelaine & @_theliveone_ are providing water for all protesters. If you want to make a sign, we recommend doing it before 3:30PM or throughout the day then come back for the march - to help with social distancing. (Please wear masks and bring hand sanitizer).

At 4:30pm we will all march together 2 blocks to Oscar Grant Plaza to meet up with a group of Oakland's young leaders including @curyj510 at the protest below.

Location: Mosswood Park, W MacArthur & Broadway

Time: 3:30 pm

Source: Instagram

Black and Brown Solidarity March!

A group of Oakland young leaders including CURYJ leaders are organizing this solidarity march. Pull up!

Join us in a march for Black and Brown solidarity against community injustice! Starting from Mosswood Park to Oscar Grant Plaza, we march to demand the defunding of the Oakland Police Department, the removal of police from our schools, and the representation of youth in juvenile justice.

We will be holding an open mic at Oscar Grant Plaza (14th & Broadway, a.k.a. Frank Ogawa Plaza) for anyone who wants to speak out about the injustice happening in our community and the injustice happening across America. The mic is open to speakers, poets, singers, dancers, and all artists, activists, leaders, allies, and advocates.

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