OAKLAND PROTEST - Thu June 11, 2020

Location: Highland Hospital, 14th Ave & E 31st St

Time: 1:00 pm

Source: Twitter, Twitter

Let Brianna Speak

The family of Erik and Brianna are calling for a protest at Highland Hospital.

First, CHP murdered her boyfriend and shot her while she is four months pregnant.

CHP is hiding her while they get their story straight. She hasn't been able to talk to anyone, not even her parents.

They will not give Brianna's family information about their daughter. They're treating her like a criminal. Please don't let them criminalize her.

**UPDATE** We have gotten confirmation that a family visit has been arranged for 10:30am today. We will still be rallying at Highland Hospital at 1pm to support Brianna and to condemn the violence at the hands of CHP.

Salgado family GoFundMe: https://bit.ly/ErikSalgado

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